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    • 试题题型【阅读理解 Section A】
    Part A Directions :

    Read the following two texts. Answer the questions on each text by choosing A, B, C or D. Mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

    Text 1

        Late last year, I needed to transport some furniture from our house in Sussex to my son ’ s flat in central London. I should have paid a man to do it for me, but foolishly confident in my driving ability T I decided to hire a van and drive it myself. It was a Ford Transit 280, long and wide:  you couldn’t see out of the back. You never really knew how close you were to anything else on the road.

        Reversing in my home yard, I crashed into a small shed, causing permanent damage. At least I owned the shed.

    I loaded up the furniture and set out. By now it was rush hour. My nerves broke down,as 1 steered the huge van through ever-shifting lanes, across oncoming vehicles, between distances of buses,at last to Charlotte Street.

        Here I found an available parking space. As I reversed into it, I noticed three people at a pavement café waving at me, I got out, trembling violently, like one who has just endured a stormy Atlantic crossing. “ You’ve shifted the car parked behind you three feet,” they said, and it belonged to a disabled person. I examined the car. There were white scratches along its front bumper. It bore a disabled sign. So, now I was a bad driver and a bad man. Under the stem gaze of the three,I left an apologetic note on the damaged car’s windscreen, giving my phone number.

        I unloaded the furniture, dripping with sweat. Wanting only to escape the monster,I drove the van back to its base on the Edgware Road. On arrival, the hire man told me I must fill it up with petrol before returning it. “Just charge me,” I cried, still shaking with fear. He gazed at me with understanding. No doubt he’d witnessed others in this state before. “How about I drive you to a petrol station, you fill up, and I drive her back?” he asked.

        He danced the great van through the traffic so casually that it would have shamed me if I had not been so grateful.

    1.[单选题]On his way to Charlotte Street, the writer felt____
    • A.frightened
    • B.annoyed
    • C.relaxed
    • D.excited
    2.[单选题]The writer felt regretful that he had____ .
    • A.hired someone to drive for him
    • B.asked his son to do the delivery
    • C.rented a small van for his goods
    • D.delivered the furniture himself
    3.[单选题]Watching the hire man drive,the writer felt____.
    • A.doubtful
    • B.grateful
    • C.ashamed
    • D.worried
    4.[单选题]In the parking lot, the writer____
    • A.saw a disabled man
    • B.ran into his friends
    • C.hit another vehicle
    • D.examined his van
    5.[单选题]he writer uses the word “monster” (para.5) to refer to____
    • A.the bad experience
    • B.the heavy furniture
    • C.the guy at the base
    • D.the vehicle he drove
    • 参考答案:A,D,B,C,D
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