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    • 所属考试大学英语六级试题库
    • 试题题型【听力 Section B】
    Passage Two
     Questions 12 to 15 are based on the passage you have just heard.
    • A.They help the elderly more than the young.
    • B.They are beneficial in one way or another.
    • C.They generally do not have side effects.
    • D.They are not based on real science.
    • 解题思路:说话人提到那类补品有很多并不一定名副其实,大部分的背后缺乏科学依据,D 项“他们并非以真正的科学为基础”是该句录音的同义表达。
    • A.Whether memory supplements work.
    • B.Whether herbal medicine works wonders.
    • C.Whether exercise enhances one's memory.
    • D.Whether a magic memory promises success.
    • 解题思路:说话人在录音开头部分即提到“我曾经经常被问到这些记忆力补品是否有效”,A 项是该处录音原句的概述,因此本题选 A 项。
    • A.They are available at most country fairs.
    • B.They are taken in relatively high dosage.
    • C.They are collected or grown by farmers.
    • D.They are prescribed by trained practitioners.
    • 解题思路:录音提到,在一些东方国家,这类补药属于处方药,剂量须由经过训练的执业医师所定,D 项为该处录音的概括,故为正确答案。
    • A.They have often proved to be as helpful as doing mental exercise.
    • B.Taking them with other medications might entail unnecessary risks.
    • C.Their effect lasts only a short time.
    • D.Many have benefited from them.
    • 解题思路:录音结尾,说话人提醒:很多时候人们没有真正意识到服用这类补药带来的影响,也不知道与其他药物同服可能会增加出现某些不良情况的风险,B 项为该处录音的同义表达。
    • 参考答案:D,A,D,B
    • 解题思路:录音原文:
         Is there really a magic memory pill or a herbal recall remedy? I have been frequently asked if these memory supplements work. You know, one of the first things I like to tell people when they ask me about the supplements, is that a lot of them are promoted as a cure for your memory. But your memory doesn’t need a cure. What your memory needs is a good work-out. So really those supplements aren’t going to give you that perfect memory in the way that they promise. The other thing is that a lot of these supplements aren’t necessarily what they claim to be, and you really have to be wary when you take any of them. The science isn't there behind most of them. They're not really well-regulated unless they adhere to some industry standard. You don't really know that what they say is in there, isn't there. What you must understand is that those supplements, especially in some eastern cultures, are part of a medical practice tradition. People don't just go in a local grocery store and buy these supplements. In fact, they are prescribed and they're given at a certain level, a dosage that is understood by a practitioner who's been trained. And that's not really the way they're used in this country. The other thing people do forget is that these are medicines, so they do have an impact. A lot of times people are not really aware of the impact they have, or the fact that taking them in combination with other medications might put you at increased risk for something that you wouldn’t otherwise being countering or be at risk for.

      Q12. What question is frequently put to the speaker?
      Q13. What does the speaker say about most memory supplements?
      Q14. What do we learn about memory supplements in eastern cultures?
      Q15. What does the speaker say about memory supplements at the end?

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