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    • 试题题型【写作 Section A】
    Suppose you have been accepted at Harvard University . You are expected to arrive on September 15 to attend the college orientation session, but you will not be able to arrive by that date. Write to the Present of the University explaining why you will be delayed, expressing your concern about missing the orientation session, and asking what you should do. You should write appropriately 100 words. Do not sign your own name at the end of your letter . Use“Linda Young” instead. You do not need to write the address.

    • 参考答案:My Favorite Pastime
      Dear Sir ,
      Thank you for accepting me as a full-time student in your university . I would be present at the regular orientation session for new students to be held on September 15 if I could obtain my ticket to America in time for it . Now I have difficulty in arranging a flight from Beijing to America due to the 9 .11 accident .The earliest flight I have been able to take will arrive in New York on the very evening the orientation session is to be held. As the orientation course is an important introduction to life at the university, especially for overseas students like me , I would be grateful if you could advise me how I might make up for it . In addition, allow me to apologize for any inconvenience I may cause for the university.
      Yours sincerely,Linda Young

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