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    • 试题题型【阅读理解 Section A】
        Isabel has turned down two job offers in the past year. In 2006, she started her own consulting practice, but by 2008, most of her larger clients had to drop her because of the economy. In 2011, she was undertaking irregular assignments and knew she needed a steady joB.The first job she considered was Director of HR for a company in Utah. After the initial interviews, she felt the job fit her except for the location. Still, she flew west to meet the hiring manager. The hiring manager explained that Isabel was the top candidate for the job but that, before she continued with the process, she should better understand the firm's culture. She directed Isabel to several videos of the company's CEO, who regularly appeared in front of the company in costume as part of morale building exercises and expected his senior leaders to do the same. "Even though I was desperate for a job, I knew I couldn't do that," Isabel says. She called the recruiter to turn down the job and explained that she didn't feel there was a cultural fit.
        A few months later, she interviewed for another job: a director of employee relations at a local university. After several interviews, the hiring manager told her the job was hers if she wanted it. The job had many positives : it was a low-stress environment, it offered great benefits, and the university was an employee-friendly place. But the job was relatively junior despite the title and Isabel worried it wouldn't be challenging enough. Finally, she turned it down. "It would be great to have a paycheck and great benefits but I would definitely have trouble sleeping at night," she says.
        In both cases, she was frank with the hiring managers about why she wasn't taking the jobs."In the past, it felt like dating, I was worried about hurting people's feelings," she says. However, they appreciated her frankness and thanked her for her honesty. She says it was hard to turn down the jobs and it was a risk for her financially but she felt she had to.
    1.[单选题]Isabel was dissatisfied with the second job due to its_______
    • A.junior rifle
    • B.low benefits
    • C.Environment
    • D.lack of challenge
    • 解题思路:细节题。从文章第二段第四句“But the job was relatively junior despite the title and Isabel worried it wouldn’t be challenging enough.”可知,伊莎贝尔拒绝第二份工作的原因是由于工作缺乏 挑战性,故选D。
    2.[单选题]According to Isabel, it is important to______
    • A.look for jobs with little stress
    • B.look for jobs with great benefits
    • C.be truthful in declining job offers
    • D.be cautious in declining job offers
    • 解题思路:推断题。从文章第三段第三句“However,they appreciated her frankness and thanked her for her honesty.”可知,虽然伊莎贝尔 拒绝了这两份工作,但是他们都很欣赏她的坦白和真诚。C项 “选择工作时要坦诚”符合题意,故选C。
    3.[单选题]In 2011, Isabel_______
    • A.did consulting now and then
    • B.found a job close to her home
    • C.refused several job interviews
    • D.ran a successful consulting firm
    • 解题思路:推断题。从文章第一段第二、三句“In 2006,she started her own consulting practice,but by 2008…In 2011,she was under- taking irregular assignments and knew she needed a steady job.”可 知,伊莎贝尔之前是经营一家顾问公司,后来生意变得不好,她 在2011年只能偶尔接些工作,这与A项“偶尔做些咨询工作”相 符,C项是“拒绝了几次工作面试”,从文中可得知,伊莎贝尔两 份工作都去面试了,但是她拒绝了工作邀请,C不正确。故选A。
    4.[单选题]Isabel believed that her rejection of the jobs was______
    • A.harmful
    • B.surprising
    • C.justifiable
    • D.troublesome
    • 解题思路:细节题。从文章第三段第二句“In the past,it felt like dating,1 was worried about hurting people’s feelings.”可知,伊莎贝尔 觉得就像约会一样,拒绝别人会伤害别人的感情。harmful“有害 的,造成损害的”;surprising“令人惊讶的”;justifiable“可辩解的,有道理的”;troublesome“麻烦的,讨厌的”。故选A。
    5.[单选题]Isabel turned down the first job offer mainly because of its_______ 
    • A.CEO
    • B.culture
    • C.location
    • D.recruiter
    • 解题思路:细节题。从文章第一段最后一句“She called the recruiter to turn down the job and explained that she didn’t feel there was a cultural fit”可知,她拒绝这份工作的原因是企业文化原因,故选 B.
    • 参考答案:D,C,A,A,B
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