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    • 所属考试公共英语三级试题库
    • 试题题型【阅读理解 Section A】

        Americans are getting ready for the biggest soccer event in the world. For the first time the world cup soccer competition will be held in the United States. While millions play the game around the world, soccer or football has only recently become popular here. It is only in the last 30 years that large numbers of young Americans became interested in soccer. Now it is the fastest growing sport in the country. A recent study found that almost 18 million young boys and girls play soccer in the United States.

      The study also found that soccer is beginning to replace more traditional games like American football as the most popular sport among students. And so, when the world cup begins next week, more than one million Americans are expected to go and see the teams play. Organizers say this year' s world cup will be the biggest ever. All the seats at most of the 52 games have already been sold.

      Soccer has been played in the United States for a little more than one hundred years. But how did the sport come to this country? And how long has it existed in other parts of the world? No one knows exactly where the idea for soccer came from, or when people began playing the game. Some scientists say there is evidence that ball games using the feet were played thousands of years ago. There is evidence that ancient Greeks and Romans and native American Indians all played games sim- ilar to soccer.

      Most experts agree that Britain is the birthplace of modem soccer. They also agree that the British spread the game around the world. Unlike the game today, which uses balls of man-made material or leather, early soccer balls were often made of animal stomachs. The rules of early soccer games also differed from those we have today.

    1.[单选题] What is the author going to state in the next paragraph?
    • A.There have been attempts to start a professional soccer organization in the U. S..
    • B.In the 12th century soccer games in Britain often involved whole towns.
    • C. Professional soccer grew quickly in Europe.
    • D.Experts believed that the United States would win.
    • 解题思路:推理题。文中最后一段讲述了英国足球是现代足球的发明国,接下来就应该介绍一下足球在英国的发展才符合逻辑。故选B。
    2.[单选题]For how long has soccer been played in the United States?
    • A.About a hundred years.
    • B.About fifty years.
    • C.Only recently.
    • D.About thirty years.
    • 解题思路:细节题。见第三段第一句话。
    3.[单选题]Who invented the modem soccer game?
    • A.American Indians.
    • B.British.
    • C.Geeks
    • D.Romans.
    • 解题思路:细节题。见最后一段第一句,英国是现代足球的发明者。
    4.[单选题]Which of the following statements is NOT true according to the text?
    • A.Americans were preparing for the world cup when the author wrote this article.
    • B.More younger Americans became interested in soccer in the last 30 years.
    • C.Soccer is the fastest developing sport in the world.
    • D.The article was written before the world cup held in the United States.
    • 解题思路:是非题。见文中第一段第五旬提到,足球在美国是发展最快的运动,但没有说在世界范围内是发展最快的运动。故选C。
    5.[单选题]Which was the most popular sport as a traditional game among students?
    • A.Basketball.
    • B. American football.
    • C.Soccer.
    • D.Tennis.
    • 解题思路:细节题。见第二段第一句,“…soccer is beginning to replace more traditional games like American football as the most popular sport among students.”可知“American football”是在青少年中最为流行的传统运动。故选B。
    • 参考答案:B,A,B,C,B
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