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    • 所属考试公共英语三级试题库
    • 试题题型【阅读理解 Section B】


    The future will not determine itself; the future is determined by the actions of the present day.  The responsibility we have for the future begins when we recognize that we ourselves create the future—that the future is not something imposed upon us by fate or other forces beyond our reach .We ourselves build the future both through what we do and what we do not do . Mrs. Michael

    The future will see more unbelievable things .In the future, people will be able to predict their performance from the strength of the brain s electrical activity. Doctor White has found that the strength of the brain’s electrical activity can be measured through the scalp(头皮) . Bosses could measure brain activity through the scalp and tell whether a worker is performing well, working hard, or too tired to do the job properly.


    In the new century, things around us will be more fascinating .The chemical gelatin ( 胶原蛋白) in the brain is said to increase your desire for fat, when is stimulated .This means that disturbances of this chemical gelatin can lead to overeating .Doctor Green presented an academic paper suggesting that the appetite for fat rich food can be controlled through drugs that block the effects of gelatin.


    In the future our life will change greatly .It is quite certain that computers will play an important role in our life .You will visit your doctor, and find that he uses a computer screen and visual information about your condition, instead of his note books .Computers in your home will enable you to answer interactive questions about your health and show the alternative results which will affect you if you act in a certain way.


    In the future, computers will change the way the doctors diagnose and treat their patients .Also doctors will change their traditional notion of medicine. Although pills for tension, heart conditions, being overweight and other life-threatening conditions are prescribed by western doctors, most doctors now require patients to focus on healthy way of living by changing diets and using more exercise as a means to keep well.


    1. Rose

    2. Helen

    3. Steven

    4. Mrs. Michael

    5. Juliet

    A. You build your own future.

    B. Healthy lifestyles will be a more popular way to keep fit.

    C. Computer will be an effective tool for doctors.

    D. Doctors may not need pills for heart troubles or overweight.

    E. Your brain waves may be used to check out your work performance.

    F. People will be able to visit doctors more w frequently.

    G. Our appetite will be well controlled by drugs.

              • 参考答案:A,E,G,B,C
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