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    • 所属考试大学英语六级试题库
    • 试题题型【阅读理解 Section A】

       Complaints should be made to a responsible person. Go back to the shop where you bought the goods, taking with you any(1)you may have. Ask to see the buyer in a large store. In a small store the assistant may also be the owner so you can complain(2). In a chain store ask to see the manager.

      Even the bravest person finds it difficult to complain face to face, so if you do not want to do it in (3),write a letter. Be sure to(4)to the facts and keep a copy of what you write. At this stage you should give any receipt numbers, but you should not need to give receipts or other papers to prove you bought the article. If you are not(5)with the answer you get, or if you do not get a reply, write to the managing director of the firm, shop, or organization. Be sure to keep copies of your own letters and any you receive.

      If your complaint is a just one, the shopkeeper may offer to(6) or repair the faulty article. You may find this an(7) solution. In certain cases you may have the right to refuse the goods and ask for your money back,but this is only where you have hardly used the goods and have acted at once. Even when you cannot refuse the goods you may be able to get some money back as well. And if you have suffered some(8)loss, if for example a new washing machine tears your clothes, you might receive money to replace them. If the shopkeeper offers you a credit note to be used to buy goods in the same shops but you would rather have money, say so. If you accept a credit note remember that later you will not be able to ask for your money. If the shopkeeper refuses to give you money, ask for(9) from your Citizens' Advice Bureau before you accept a credit note. In some cases the shopkeeper does not have to give you your money back--if, for example, he changes an article simply because you don't like it or it does not fit. He does not hive to take back the goods in these(10).

      A. intimate

      B. attractive

      C. person

      D. attachment

      E. satisfied

      F. receipt

      G. contaminate

      H. replace

      I. special

      J. stick


      L. advice

      M. circumstances

      N. directly

      O. petitions

      • 解题思路: 语法判断:分析句子结构可知,本句缺少一个形容词,和前面的some一起作定语修饰后面的名词loss(损失)。


        • 解题思路:语法判断:本句空格前为句子主语和动词be,空格后是with介词结构。由此可知,本句应该是缺少一个形容词,该词和前面的系动词are以及后面的介词with构成形容词短语,从而构成主系表结构。语义判断:在四个形容词选项中,符合上述语法条件的有两个,即beintimatewith意为“与……相识或亲近”和be satisfiedwith意为“对……满意”。结合句意可知E是正确答案。
          • 解题思路:语义判断:符合上述语法条件的六个选项中,person意为“人”,attachment意为“附件;附属物”,receipt意为“收据”,advice意为“建议”,circumstances意为“情况”,petitions意为“请愿书;上诉状”。结合句意可知,只有receipt(收据)符合,故选F。
            • 解题思路:语法判断:分析句子结构可知,本句缺少一个动词,和后面的介词to构成动词短语,而前面的be sureto后应接动词原形。语义判断:符合上述语法条件的三个选项中,只有stick to是常用固定搭配,意为“坚持;遵守”,而contaminate意为“弄脏。污染”,replace意为“代替,替换”,均不符合句意,故选J。
              • 解题思路: 语法判断:分析句子结构可知,本句缺少一个名词作介词for的宾语,前面的动词ask与for是常用搭配,意为“寻求”。


                • 解题思路:语法判断:分析句子结构可知,本句缺少一个动词原形,与repair并列,且与前面的to构成动词不定式作谓语offer的宾语。语义判断:结合前面39题的“语义判断”可知,只有选项replace(代替,替换)是正确的答案,故选H。
                  • 解题思路: 语法判断:分析句子结构可知,本句缺少一个副词来修饰前面的不及物动词complain。语义判断:符合上述语法条件的两个选项中,vigorously意为“精神旺盛地”,directly意为“直接地”。结合句意可知,只有directly符合文意,故选N。
                    • 解题思路:语法判断:分析句子结构可知,本句缺少一个名词来作前面介词in的宾语,构成介宾结构作状语来修饰前面的动词do。语义判断:符合上述语法条件的六个选项中,结合前面36题的“语义判断”可知,只有c是正确答案,in person是固定搭配.意为“亲自,当面”。
                      • 解题思路:语法判断:分析句子结构可知,本句缺少一个形容词作定语修饰后面的名词solution(解决问题的方法)。且根据前面的不定冠词all可判断该词的发音应该是以元音开头。语义判断:根据语法判断,在剩余的三个形容词中,intimate意为“亲近的”,special意为“专门的;特殊的”,attractive意为“诱人的,吸引人的”,由于special的发音不是以元音开头,故排除,再结合上下文意思,可知B是正确答案。
                        • 解题思路:语法判断:分析句子主干可知,空格前的句子结构较为完整,该空缺少一个名词,与前面的介词in构成介宾结构作状语来修饰前面的动词短语takeback(收回),而且该名词应是复数形式,因为其前用了these来修饰。语义判断:根据语法判断,结合剩余的名词选项,只有circumstances能与in构成介词短语in these circumstances(在这些情况下),且符合此处文意,故选M。

                        • 参考答案:I,E,F,J,L,H,N,C,B,M
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