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    • 所属考试公共英语三级试题库
    • 试题题型【阅读理解 Section B】

    Directions: Read the texts from a magazine in which five women wrote to respond to an article on mother- daughter relationship. For questions 36 —40,match the name of each person to one of the statements (A -G) given below. Mark your answers on your ANSWER SHEET.

    Our country is small .So I want to emigrate to a bigger one .I think it will do good to my children s future .I believe that I will be able to find a job as a computer engineer in a big company and that my wife, a nurse, will easily find a job .Though I will miss my own country and friends, I am confident I will soon make new friends and settle well and quickly into Canada .I have already been there twice and I really like it.


    I am aware that things are not going well in my country. Nevertheless, I am very attached to it .I love the lifestyle here and I also have my elderly parents to care .They would not emigrate and could I leave them? I will always be able to make some kind of living in my country, and hope that my children will probably land on their feet. However, Canada may be a safer bet .I am probably rather conservative.


    I am 23 .I am doing a degree in genetic. I know that it is fairly unlikely that I will be able to find a job when I graduate .I already have job contacts in Canada and also some very good friends there .I love the thought of being able to ski and do all the sports the Canadians do . However, I am concerned that my parents, especially my mother, who won’t adapt well to the changes .I am a very practical person.


    I’m 26 .I graduated in literature two years ago .Since then I have been unemployed .I am currently going out with a boy I’m thinking of marrying .He has a job—a good one—as a biologist. I’ve been to Canada and liked it a lot .I recognize that it would be sensible to emigrate there , but I have no wish to leave my own country .I want to work for its improvement and I feel I only belong here .I wouldn’t like my parents to go without me .I am a bit of romantic.


    I am an old woman and I don t want to move very much .I’ve lived here for about seventy-five years and I’m used to the way of life here .I have been to a foreign country once and I found it hard to adapt well to the life there .So I’m really worried if I can get used to the changes if I emigrate to Canada .I haven t been there , so I don t know whether it suits me .Emigrating there might be good for my children s future, but as far as I am concerned, I don t want to leave here.


    61 .Father

    62 .Mother

    63 .Son

    64 .Daughter

    65 .Grandmother


    A. I don’t want to immigrate to Canada since Z I’m old.

    B. I am optimistic about the prospect of immigrating to Canada.

    C. Changes can make life colorful and better.

    D. I want to devote myself to the Z motherland.

    E. Staying in my own country is good both U for me and for my parents.

    F. I have conflicting feelings about moving O abroad.

    G. I don’t like Canada at all.

              • 参考答案:E,B,A,D,F
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