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    公共英语三级 写作句型(一)

    发布于 2018-04-03 15:53  编辑:Candice

    公共英语三级 写作必备句型(一)

    一、...... the + ~ est + 名词 + (that) + 主词 + have ever + seen ( known/heard/had/read, etc)

    例句:Helen is the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen.

    Mr. Chang is the kindest teacher that I have ever had.

    二、Nothing is + ...... er than to + V Nothing is + more + 形容词 + than to + V

    例句:Nothing is more important than to receive education.

    三、...... cannot emphasize the importance of ...... too much.(再怎么强调...的重要性也不为过。)例句:We cannot emphasize the importance of protecting our eyes too much.

    四、There is no denying that + S + V ...(不可否认的...)

    例句:There is no denying that the qualities of our living have gone from bad to worse.

    五、It is universally acknowledged that + 句子... (全世界都知道...)

    例句:It is universally acknowledged that trees are indispensable to us.

    六、There is no doubt that + 句子~~ (毫无疑问的...)

    例句There is no doubt that our educational system leaves something to be desired. 七、An advantage of ...... is that + 句子 (...的优点是...)

    例句:An advantage of using the solar energy is that it won’t create (produce) any pollution.

    八、The reason why + 句子 ...... is that + 句子 (...的原因是...)

    例句The reason why we have to grow trees is that they can provide us with fresh air./ The reason why we have to grow trees is that they can supply fresh air for us.

    九、So + 形容词 + be + 主词 + that + 句子 (如此...以致于...)

    例句:So precious is time that we can’t afford to waste it.

    十、Adj + as + Subject(主词)+ be, S + V...... (虽然...)

    例句:Rich as our country is, the qualities of our living are by no means satisfactory. {by no means = in no way = on no account 一点也不}

    十一、The + ~er + S + V,

    ......the + ~er + S + V ......

    The + more + Adj + S + V,

    ......the + more + Adj + S + V......(愈...愈...)

    例句:The harder you work, the more progress you make.

    The more books we read, the more learned we become.

    十二、By +Ving, ~~ can ~~ (借着...,..能够..)

    例句:By taking exercise, we can always stay healthy.




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